Abandoned Cart NetSuite Ecommerce Module

The Abandoned Cart NetSuite Ecommerce module has just proved to be one of the most effective modules out there.

We understand that every client deserves a second chance as sometimes due to inactivity or distractions the user doesn’t complete the checkout.

With our Netsuite Abandoned cart module get your abandoned cart users complete the checkout right away!

Its a very simple add on that will integrate directly with your Site builder or SCA account.

Step 1. Check activity on NetSuite ecommerce site

Step 2. Check emails and templates to be sent out

Step 3. Analyze each campaign

Abandoned cart emails are automatically sent to customers who have added products to their cart but failed to checkout. It’s effective as a sales recovery tactic and also as an analytics one. Get this product now with a one time fee, low cost, 100% NetSuite integrated.

– Analysis
– Email Flows
– Statistics

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