NetSuite Amazon Connector


Boost your online sales by selling in one of the biggest e commerce platform with more than 90 million users! Our NetSuite- Amazon connector will allow you to automatically import and export all information from NetSuite to Amazon and viceversa. Our NetSuite Amazon connector will automatically:

Import Sales Orders/Customers into NetSuite: Orders placed in Amazon will be imported into NetSuite. If a matching customer is not found, a new customer is created in NetSuite.

Export Fulfillments to Amazon: As orders are fulfilled in NetSuite, the fulfillment transactions are exported to Amazon so that the shopper has full visibility into the current orders status.

Export Items to Amazon: Retailers can easily designate which items from NetSuite are pushed to Amazon, making it easy for you to create/update your Amazon product catalog.

Export Inventory Levels to Amazon: Inventory levels in Amazon are continuously updated with current inventory levels in NetSuite, ensuring that orders placed can actually be fulfilled.


  • Run everything in one system so you get the real picture
  • Get rid of tedious and unnecessary work, have the orders and all information automatically imported as many times a day as you want.
  • It is a one time fee module with no ongoing costs
  • It is a tested module already installed in hundred of other companies.