NetSuite Facebook Store


Facebook is one of the most powerful tools nowadays. 95% of total internet users have a Facebook account. Take advantage and use Facebook as another sales channel.

T commerce┬┤s Facebok store is a simple bundle which can be installed in your NetSuite account fast and smoothly. It requires one click for you to show post your NetSuite products with the information inside NetSuite in Facebook.

The look and feel of the store can be discussed and different layouts can be applied. We can even apply same skin as in your current site.


  • Get seen by a 900 million potential public
  • Take advantage of social media and expand your sales channels
  • Easy to integrate
  • Adaptable design
  • 100% NetSuite integrated
  • Sell your products in Facebook with just one click
  • Available in 4-5 business days

Contact us to learn more about this solution and how east it is to integrate it with NetSuite!