NetSuite Shipping Integration Calculator


We understand that integrating the shipping services can sometimes be painful. What’s more, online buyers want to understand how much they will be paying the shipping before they buy the item.

With our NetSuite Shipping integrator we integrate your NetSuite website with any third party shipping service. We make sure your customers will get the correct rates and that they see that in their shopping cart!

Before adding an item to the cart the client will be able to choose between the different shipping providers and get the exact rate of the shipping cost.

After these are shown the buyer will select the most convenient one and continue shopping. The product will show the shipping cost in the shopping cart.

The shipping can be integrated with the following providers:

  • Paceject
  • YRC
  • Echo
  • UPS
  • LTL,
  • UPS Small Package
  • Dayton
  • CTI


  • Allow your buyers to choose the best shipping method
  • Allow buyers to know exactly how much they will pay for the shipping
  • Show real information on real time
  • Integrate your shipping with different methods