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Client: Furnware Dorset
Project: Site builder responsive website
Client: Furnware Dorset
Project: Site builder responsive website

Furnware Dorset is an Australian Kitchen cabinet manufacturer and installer.

They have been working with NetSuite for the past 5 years. They have been using NetSuite Site builder to host their current commerce site. They wanted to maintain their site look and feel but turn it into responsive.

With a time frame of 5 weeks their current website was turned into responsive within the best style.
The website now adapts to different mobile devices allowing the customer to have e better online experience.
We are proud to share Furnware Dorset´s feedback:

Furnware Dorset were fortunate to find Think Commerce Inc through Google while looking for a technology partner to create a responsive website on the SiteBuilder platform, with best in class features, without having to upgrade to Susie Commerce Advance.

Working with their technical team, a series of sophisticated and brand aligned customisations were applied to our SiteBuilder site, resulting in a fully responsive mobile experience. Our site, previously hindered by the inflexible SiteBuilder modular templates, now showcases a best in class mobile experience for users browsing on hand held devices. This bridged the missing link in our digital marketing activities, building on customer satisfaction and also improving our overall SEO.

Furnware Dorset have a complex and diverse selection of products; the team was able to work around these complexities to incorporate all aspects of our desktop website into the mobile space.

In addition to the responsive webstore, we also proceeded with implementing Customer Wish Lists and the Quick Order Forms. Both features have been received with great warmth from customers, allowing flexibility to how they interact with the Furnware Dorset website. As a business, we have seen online sales and online activity rise significantly as a direct result of working with Think Commerce Inc. Our most sincere thanks to the team for their efforts.

Brendan Barnhill
Digital Marketing
ManagerFurnware Dorset