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Client: Martor USA
Project: Martor USA NetSuite Website

After 8 years of using their NetSuite website, Martor USA thought it was time for a change.

The before and after of Martor USA is outstanding. Martor USA is a well known cutting tools wholesale store which has been operating with NetSuite eCommerce for the past 8 years.
The website was achieved using NetSuite Site Builder module. It is a 100% NetSuite integrated website which uses NetSuite one step checkout, a faceted search and an abandoned cart module.

Their website is 100% NetSuite responsive achieved in Site builder.

The home page page is now cleaner, and more intuitive than before. The new NetSuite website also matches new logo. There is a main slider where users can select the Level of safety for their cutting tools. After this is selected users will be sent to the corresponding level of safetey pages

The item list page is also a good one. You can select level of safety, material to cut, knife body material and blade engagement. Only after selecting these fields will the user be presented with corresponding matching items.

Taking a look at the before and after is totally worth it not only as the look and feel has dramatically been improved but the functionalities and website workflow have changed as well achieving an easier to navigate and find the correct items.

This website is 100% NetSuite database driven and the client has taken total control over it.

With a cleaner, faster and smarter NetSuite Website Mel Freedman now quotes: ” Good job! Terrific response always on good time.

Mel Freedman President