What Google is doing to Ecommerce

How eCommerce is Growing

eCommerce is growing rapidly within the mobile sector. Additionally, Mobile eCommerce is growing faster internationally than in the United States. For example, in Asia, the top fourteen retailers saw mobile growth increase by 249.3%. This is incredible growth and similar trends have been spotted across the globe.

American businesses should see mobile commerce as their main priority in 2016. Furthermore, Google has already facilitated this, through penalizing websites not ready for the mobile revolution. It’s not only necessary in a business sense to be ready for the mobile revolution it’s essential.

Mobile Dominance is Here to Stay

Google is going to continue to tighten the rope on sites that are not catering to mobile users in 2016. Penalties will become harsher and the requirements more restrictive. It’s only a matter of time before Google decides to completely remove websites from their search indexes if they are not ready for the continuing march of mobile.

And what’s even more important is the fact that Google My Business is here. This is the local SEO arm of Google, designed primarily for mobile users. Hyper local SEO is expected to be even bigger in the future, but technology is expected to have to make significant gains before this can become a reality.

Google’s actions aren’t going to help mobile kill desktop, but it will make a significant dent.

Videos Will Become an Even Bigger Priority for Sharing Products

It’s expected that by the end of 2016, video content will account for two-thirds of everything on the web. This is where the majority of Internet traffic will be going. Granted, most of this will be happening off of Google, on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but Google will be changing the game.

Google will provide more real estate for videos designed for sharing products. This will make it easier to appeal to video users. Furthermore, many companies will find that they are changing their social media ads in favor of video ads. It’s a fact that videos are easy to share because all you have to do is click a button.

This change has been facilitated by the fact that Google also owns YouTube, which remains the biggest video platform in the world today. Anyone that uses YouTube will gain an instant SEO boost, as a result.

One of the greatest mobile marketing challenges to expect in 2016 will be to actually grow your video channels in order to make it act as a social media network all by itself. You will have to treat it as one more marketing platform to add to your arsenal.

What is Google Doing About Content Saturation?

Content saturation is a huge issue in eCommerce today. Content marketing is king, but it’s extremely difficult to actually stand out because there’s simply so much content being produced. Google is going to continue to demand higher quality and more precision content.

You will be expected to answer specific customer questions in your content, rather than produce generalized content. Alternatively, Google will use social media to rank the most relevant content first. And this is time-based, so it will be based on current events.

The goal for many retailers will be to make sure that they can tie their brands to current events. This will be harder for some retailers, but Google’s changes has meant that a mix of evergreen and current content will be required to make the most of content marketing.

The organization bouclair.com is one company that has worked on providing value to its customers by producing content through asking customers what they want. Such tactics will become far more crucial.

So What’s Next in Mobile Advertising?

2016 will be a year for making sure that you are consolidating your mobile advertising needs. Google will not implement any massive changes this year, but the trends will be continuing. The next frontier in mobile advertising is to get even more things onboard.

What will you do to make sure that you are conforming to Google’s changes in the coming year? Is your website ready to face these challenges?

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