Change Order Business Process Map
Change Order Business Process Map

Change Order Module

Change Order Overview

A Change Order is a Custom Transaction to capture any potential future or agreed upon additional scope to a baseline customer contract. Tracking and organizing contract change orders is a critical function of managing the financial and logistical schedule of Projects & Contracts.  Using NetSuite Change Order Transaction Functionality, Benchmark Utility Services can create, track, approve and audit Change Orders within their NetSuite Production Environment; at the Customer, Project and Sales Order level of detail.  Change Orders are aggregated within the NetSuite Project Interface.

Creating a new Change Order

To create a change order using intended and best practice methods follow these steps

New Change Order

By Navigating to a particular project in your NetSuite Environment you can see the New Change Order Button available for selection at the top of the main Project Interface Page. Clicking this button will prompt Change Order Module to create and open a new Change Order Transaction related to the current Project you are in.  It is strongly recommended to only create Change Orders for Projects within that project’s NetSuite interface, although possible, try to not create Change Orders for a unrelated Sales Order then to the current project you have opened.

Approve Change Order

The Change Order Approval Process is centralized on the Approve Change Order Page. This is where a user will select all current NetSuite Change Orders with status = Pending Approval will be located. The user designated to approve change order can use this page to approve orders.  Using the checkbox alongside the corresponding Change Order, mark all that you are committing a single action on (Approve or Reject) (see image below)

Note that after a Change Order is approved it is unable to be edited directly, to edit any line values or quantities, the method would be to load into the assigned Sales Order and then adjust as needed. It is important to make sure Change Orders are as accurate as possible for best practice and for the highest quality system transactional data.

Load Change Order

Load Change Order is a Module created to automate the transferring of Items within an approved Change Order to their corresponding Sales Order.  Within every Sales Order Transaction, the Load Change Order button will be available for selection. Upon clicking, Load Change Order will be prompted to load any line items from outstanding Approved Change Orders that have not been previously loaded into the current Sales Order.

Loading Change Order will pull all items from Change Order Transaction into a Sales Order Transaction, these Items will default to reflect 0 Fulfilled and 0 Invoiced. All Items Loaded into Change Order will default to Custom Price Level

Reports and Auditing

Change Order includes the same Reporting and Search Capabilities as a standard NetSuite Transaction.

As well, you can use the following navigation to locate all Change Orders related to a specific Project

From Project Interface -> Related Records -> Change Orders Make sure to change your default View to Change Order Default View OLS

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