Custom NetSuite invoice template

NetSuite renders a default layout for all transaction forms, like sales order, invoice, purchase order, and other receipts. Thus if the user does not require any additional customizations or extra information to display on the transaction forms, then these default layouts are just enough. Custom Invoice Templates help customization of invoices.

If the user needs some additional information on the transaction forms, then NetSuite itself provides an interface to customize the form. And it allows creating custom printed PDF/HTML transaction forms. But in certain circumstances, it is not enough to use Netsuite customization only. In that case, we can use Advanced PDF/HTML templates with Free-marker. They provide users with endless options for customization.

One of our NetSuite clients approached us with a requirement to create custom invoices in both HTML and PDF form. And also to send an email to the specific person followed by an attachment of the printed HTML/PDF of invoice.

Why is creating a Custom invoice difficult?

The client needed something more fancy than the standard NetSuite invoice.

The main challenge during the customization was how to customize the customs invoice form according to the user requirements. And also how to send the customs invoice in PDF and HTML to the recipient.

What we did?

Thinkcommerce provided an efficient solution to create custom invoice PDF and HTML templates that meet the client’s unique requirements. Our team customized the invoice form in both HTML and PDF delivering the forms customized and with all the information the client requested.

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