We are showing in this area some of our latest work we´ve done and also some tips and tricks for NetSuite oracle Suite commerce advanced users and General NetSuite users.

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Custom NetSuite invoice template

NetSuite renders a default layout for all transaction forms, like sales order, invoice, purchase order, and other receipts. Thus if the user does not require any additional customizations or extra information to display on the transaction forms, then these default layouts are just enough. Custom Invoice Templates help customization of invoices. If the user needs some […]

Drop Ship Items Between NetSuite Systems

Requirements A module to generate Sales Order based on Drop Ship Items via Restlet. Within a NetSuite (Company ‘A’) enters a Sales Order with some Drop Ship Items. Company ‘A’ System generates the corresponding Purchase Order and then a User Event Makes a call to another NetSuite (Company ‘B’) account and generates the Sales Order […]

Batch Assignment For Sales Orders

Requirements Create an interface within NetSuite where a user can assign sales order into batches for picking. Only employees assigned as pickers are allowed to be identified on Sales Order as Pickers. Create a Suitelet Form that allows for filtering of sales orders (criteria and filters to be determined). Upon filtering and providing a result […]

Order Desk NetSuite Integration

Requirement Previously, all of the client’s orders went through the SPS Commerce who sends the information to Order Desk and NetSuite.They were considering moving a few of our vendors to an API which would remove SPS Commerce from the chain. It was no problem having the orders go directly to Order Desk, but if they […]

Item Fulfillment Merger

Scope A company needed to create a single packing slip sourced from multiple item fulfillment records. Very frequently, the company was required to fulfill multiple sales orders forselect customers over a very short timespan. Since their NetSuite system manages the delivery of its own products, they typically combined many of these fulfillments into a single […]

Change Order Module

Change Order Overview A Change Order is a Custom Transaction to capture any potential future or agreed upon additional scope to a baseline customer contract. Tracking and organizing contract change orders is a critical function of managing the financial and logistical schedule of Projects & Contracts.  Using NetSuite Change Order Transaction Functionality, Benchmark Utility Services […]

Request a quote functionality for NetSuite site

Some eCommerce websites need to have special prices to specific customers. Thats why requesting a quote is such a good functionality. Maybe you need to know specific items if they have any special discount or just what the pricing is as they have different options and the pricing cant be shown in the site. We […]

Adding Custom work on the website

This website is really cool. Its also built in Suitecommerce Advanced and you can order very sharp products such as custom earphones, Yes Custom! So you can choose different colors and upload your artwork piece and make them printed in your earphones. Here is a cool example: https://www.64audio.com/a2e-custom-in-ear-monitors#inthebox Take a look at it, build your […]

Choosing delivery date in item page

This is an NetSuite Suite commerce advanced website www.bagmasters.com, when ordering these items its really important to be able to choose a delivery date. The end user picks up a date for receiving the item, this date is transferred into the sales order and processed by the team.

Blog creation inside SuiteCommerce Advanced

As you may know NetSuite ecommerce website does not have the Blog creation option. We have created a work around and integrated blogs for both Suitecommerce advanved and Site builder. Now our clients are able to add blog posts as information items and make sure they show with their own url structure. Blogs are very […]